Comodo Korumail PRO


Protect your network by using Advanced Korumail Features
with Specialized Support
Your email is vital, however it exposes your organization to a variety of serious email-borne threats.
Korumail is stopping spams, scams, malwares and advanced viruses with Comodo Expertise.
Korumail Pro Edition enables you to get fully ongoing Support from Comodo Support
Team and extra advanced security features such as Containment and Enhanced DLP.
Keeping your mailboxes clean and safe now
start from 10.80 USD* / per user!

*This price per user is valid for above 1000 users.
About Korumail

Comodo KoruMail is an enterprise antispam and threat prevention
appliance that uses a sophisticated array of spam filters, anti-virus
scanners and content analysis engines to prevent unsolicited mail from
ever entering your network.


Protects from the newest forms of ransomwares, zero-malwares and other advanced threats

Enhanced Data Loss Prevention

Mitigates the risk of sensitive information loss by using advanced Comodo DLP

Antivirus Filtering

Capable of virus scanning of all emails that pass through its engine integrated with Comodo Valkyrie

Setting Policy

Independent policies for incoming and outgoing mail

Antispoofing Technology

Adding an IP range to authorize a domain to sign emails (DKIM)

Support by Comodo Security Experts

Provides installation and support services by authorized specialists whenever you need

KoruMail Reputation Network

An IP reputation scoring system developed by Comodo (KRN)

Analyzing & Getting a Verdict

Sending unknown files to the Comodo Antispam Labs to be analyzed by our experts and get a verdict about them

Archiving and Quarantine

Capable of email archiving and automatic quarantine

Auto Whitelist

Capable of automatically whitelisting incoming and outgoing mails to and from specific email addresses

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Also please make sure your system meets the minimum requirements.

Our product Comodo KoruMail operates as a virtual server.
Virtual Platforms: Vmware ESX 5.x or Hyper-V
Minimum Hardware: 1xCPU, 4GB RAM, 120GB HDD and 40 GB free space

Contact our sales team and acquire your unique license code

After completing your Korumail installation and acquiring your license code with our sales and support teams, you can look at admin guide also for additional information if you need.

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Customer Reviews

Korumail Review by Dogan

The most convenient and optimal solution against spams for our system under intense e-mail traffic proved to be KoruMail.



Director of System Network Doğan Conglomerate, Inc.